Day: March 30, 2015

Carbonara Zoodles

Carbonara Zoodles

This recipe is a vegan knock-off of the Italian carbonara pasta, which is classically made with bacon and eggs. It has a rich and creamy consistency, while still feeling like a light meal because the pasta is substituted with zucchini. The smoked tofu tastes similar to bacon, so I was even able to impress an avid meat eater with this 🙂

Potato Wedges

Easy Potato Wedges

I have always been a fan of potato wedges, but somehow never really tried making them myself…don’t ask me why! For the past few weeks since I first made these, I have been obsessed with homemade potato wedges. It’s such a quick and easy recipe and perfect for those nights when you don’t feel creative and just want to munch on something 😉