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2021 Amsterdam Vegan Restaurant Guide

My Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

Now that the terraces have opened again in Amsterdam, I have put together a list of my favorite vegan (friendly) restaurants and cafés for you. These are the places I go to most often. Unfortunately, some of my favorite restaurants have closed during the pandemic, but luckily there are still so many good options in the city – let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of them!

My Favorite Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. SLA

    SLA Amsterdam
    SLA is my go-to option when I’m craving a healthy bowl of veggies, or a nutritious salad in summer. You can choose from a variety of bowls and salads, or put together your own. They also offer soups and sweet treats.

  2. Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar

    Deer Mama Vegan Mylk & Burger Bar
    This restaurant brightens up any rainy day – not only with their colorful and sparkling interior and the pink benches outside, but also with their breakfast/lunch/dinner options, delicious milkshakes, and now also vegan soft serve!


    Mr. Stacks
    Mr. Stacks is temporarily closed, but fingers crossed it opens up again soon because it is my favorite place for vegan pancakes! Their stacks are not only pretty to look at, but also absolutely indulgent – and difficult to finish 🙂

  4. Meatless District

    Meatless District
    A cozy restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would recommend to go there for dinner and try their delicious main dishes – from pasta over vegetables to dessert.

  5. Mr. & Mrs. Watson

    Mr. & Mrs. Watson
    This place specializes in vegan cheese, so go there if you fancy a vegan wine & cheese night!

  6. SOIL Vegan Café

    SOIL Vegan Café
    Soil offers a variety of vegan and homemade starters, sandwiches and bowls, as well as dessers. They pickle their own vegetables, which makes for pretty jars that cover a whole wall of their restaurant.

  7. Trevi’s Amsterdam

    This 100% vegan Italian restaurant with its charming small tables serves you a variety of vegan pizza and pasta dishes as well as desserts like chocolate pizza!

  8. Vegetarisch Restaurant De Waaghals

    De Waaghals
    If you’re looking for a gourmet-style dining experience, De Waaghals is your go-to. A cozy, small restaurant that offers multiple course meals, which revolve around creative compilations of different vegetables, rounded out by attentive and lovely service.

  9. Vegan Junk Food Bar

    Vegan Junk Food Bar
    Although I think the quality of the food has decreased since its opening, the Vegan Junk Food Bar is a must try for any vegan visiting Amsterdam with their non-vegan friends. It definitely debunks the myth that vegans only eat salad and vegetables!

  10. Mooshka Vegan Soul Food

    This lovely little restaurant in De Pijp serves a variety of delicious vegan curries, burgers and other dishes that will make your mouth water.

  11. Men Impossible

    Men Impossible
    The only fully vegan ramen place in Amsterdam. The ramen is a bit different than what you might be used to, but in my opinion it’s even better than the standard ramen. Super tasty, and fully operated by the owner himself.

  12. Van Ness Cupcakes

    Van Ness Cupcakes
    These cupcakes are so delicious and taste even better than non-vegan cupcakes. The above sampling box includes vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes – red velvet was definitely my favorite!

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Amsterdam

  1. Coffee & Coconuts

    Coffee and Coconuts
    Well known among locals, this film-theater-turned-café doesn’t only serve healthy food, but also offers a great atmosphere with its impressive 3-story interior.

  2. Cabrón

    Cabrón Amsterdam
    Cabrón is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam because it offers great vegan options, like jackfruit tacos and nachos, and amazing drinks, like my favorite: the Paloma.

  3. DOPE Pizza

    DOPE Pizza
    Against what you might guess from the name, DOPE Pizza is actually run by real Italian pizzaioli. They offer a number of exceptional vegan pizzas, such as the colorful zucchini flower pizza you see above.

  4. Mana Mana

    Mana Mana Amsterdam
    This little café in the heart of De Pijp is nicest in the summer, when you can sit outside. They offer delicious Middle Eastern snacks with plenty of veggie options.

  5. Greenwoods

    Greenwoods Singel
    Also best enjoyed outside in the summer (since the inside space is tiny and crammed), Greenwoods offers a rich vegan brunch plate that will satisfy your hangover cravings.

  6. Hummus bistro d&a

    Hummus bistro d&a
    Although there are many amazing Middle Eastern restaurants in Amsterdam, the food at d&a is my favorite so far. The flavors and dishes are so satisfying, and best enjoyed as shared dishes for the whole table.

  7. Ivy and Bros

    Ivy and Bros
    This cute café in the old center of Amsterdam offers a vegan brunch plate with a variety of veggies, as you can see on the photo above.

  8. Nnea Pizza

    One of my favorite pizza restaurants in Amsterdam, Nnea offers a couple of vegan pizzas that don’t fall too far behind the non-vegan options. It’s all about the dough in my opinion, and that is definitely on point at Nnea!

  9. Staring at Jacob

    Staring at Jacob
    As the photos prove, Staring at Jacob is here to satisfy all your brunch cravings. I was extremely pleased with the vegan plate above, which contained all elements I wish for from a Sunday brunch.

  10. Café Moer

    I know I have listed a lot of ‘favorite’ restaurants, but Café Moer has been my favorite dining experience in Amsterdam so far, so this is my overall favorite Amsterdam restaurant. I enjoyed a multiple course menu (some of which you see above) there with my family and loved the interior and atmosphere in the restaurant. And lastly, the service was outstanding, which is really important to me and sets a restaurant apart from the rest.

  11. NENI Amsterdam

    I love going to NENI for its cool interior and atmosphere! The dishes are super tasty as well, although on the pricier side.

  12. Happyhappyjoyjoy

    If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience and flashy atmosphere, you’re at the right address here. Happyhappyjoyjoy describes itself as ‘a trip to asia’s heart and soul of street food’.

  13. Dignita Hoftuin

    Dignita Hoftuin
    Dignita Hoftuin is right next to the Heremitage, so it’s perfect to grab lunch at after a visit of the museum. In the summer, you can sit in the lush garden and enjoy the healthy brunch and lunch dishes or drinks.

  14. Factory Girl

    Factory Girl Amsterdam
    This café is known for its variety of (non-vegan) unique cream desserts, and their vegan cinnamon rolls are definitely worth the trip! They also have a few vegan dishes and plates filled with delicious veggies and spreads.

  15. Massimo Gelato

    Massimo Gelato
    The best gelateria of Amsterdam offers several vegan flavors, including dark chocolate, fruit sorbets and my favorite: pistacchio sorbet. And what’s even better: they opened up more locations across the city!

  16. ZOKU

    This hotel/restaurant features a rooftop terrace, which offers some of the best brunch views. But also during colder months, it’s worth a trip because you can get cozy next to the fireplace on their couches and in the nooks.

  17. The Lebanese Sajeria

    The Lebanese Sajeria
    The Lebanese Sajeria offers several different wraps with meat, but also vegan options with hummus and vegetables, which I will never get tired of.

  18. Rainbowls

    Rainbowls Amsterdam
    This hip little café in De Pijp is the place to go to if you’re craving a healthy smoothie bowl or need to upgrade your Instagram feed with some pretty pictures!

  19. G’s

    Gs really nice place
    This brunch place serves Bloody Mary’s, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, and even Canadian poutine! But the vegan menu items don’t fall far behind their signature dishes.

For more (also non-vegan) restaurants, bars & cafés in Amsterdam check out the lokali.

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