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7 Day Millet Cleanse

7 Day Millet Detox

The end of year holidays are over, and most of us have gotten into a rut of eating more than we need or want to eat. Also, January is a time to reset, to make plans for the coming year, and to start fresh. It’s a time to not only reset your mind, but also your body. And how better to do this than with a detox!

If you feel like you need a clean cut, you can try the 3 day smoothie fast, which I did right before New Year’s, to get off my newly acquired eating schedule. It was tough, but I felt so energetic afterwards, and ready to start 2019 fresh & clean!

However, if you don’t feel ready for giving up food altogether, or are trying a detox for the first time, here is a more gentle detox version. A cleanse like this is not only a good idea post-holidays, it is also great as a spring-cleanse, or any time you feel like giving your digestive system a break.

If you have a disposition to low blood sugar, low blood pressure, or are very thin, please be careful with any kind of cleanse. It’s best to consult with your doctor before.

Now the details. For this cleanse I am recommending millet as a base, because it’s alkalizing, gluten-free and nutrient-rich, but you could also use rice if you cannot find millet anywhere. In terms of duration, I recommend 5 to 7 days of detoxing, but if you have done detoxes previously, you could also extend it to 10 to 12 days.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

How it works

For each day, you cook 150 grams of millet according to package instructions, in water without any salt. Divide the daily ration by 3 and use one part as the base for your breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. You are allowed to add fruits, vegetables and herbs to it, but no salt, dairy or other things.

What you are “allowed” to eat:

  • millet
  • cooked, steamed or roasted vegetables (not raw)
  • fresh fruit (but not too much, I’d recommend <2 servings/day)
  • herbs

What you are “not allowed” to consume during the detox:

  • salt
  • animal products (meat, dairy, honey, etc.)
  • beans & legumes
  • bread or other grains, gluten
  • sugar
  • coffee and black tea
  • alcohol


  1. Allow yourself to get more sleep than usual because your body might be feeling more tired during the cleanse.
  2. Make sure you drink at least 2L of water or herbal tea every day.
  3. Don’t do sports if you don’t feel fit enough, instead go for walks outside.
  4. After you finish your cleanse, don’t go right back into old eating habits, but start with easily digestible meals, like steamed vegetables, oatmeal or soup.

Here are a few meal examples:


7 Day Millet Detox

Millet with cinnamon, watermelon & passionfruit.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

Millet with berries and passionfruit.

7 Day Millet Detox

With peach & berries.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

With pineapple, plum & grapes.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

With apple, banana & cinnamon.

Lunch & Dinner

5 Day Millet Cleanse

With zoodles, tomatoes, dried tomatoes, pine nuts & basil.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

With zoodles, vegetables, avocado, orange & pomegranate.

5 Day Millet Cleanse

As a salad with roasted pumpkin, eggplant, rucola & pomegranate.

7 Day Millet Detox

With zoodles, baked eggplant, tomatoes, coconut yogurt & mint.

7 Day Millet Detox

With cucumber, tomato & red onion.

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