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I switched to a vegan diet in 2014 and I wouldn’t want to go back! In fact, I have found so much joy in trying out new vegan recipes that I decided to start this blog and share my passion.

Hopefully it motivates you to try one or two things for yourself and maybe even discover your new favorite food!
Enjoy! 🙂

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If you are interested, this is my attitude towards veganism:

I am not trying to convert anyone to become vegan. That is because I know from experience that people will not become vegan if you tell them to- they have to want it intrinsically and for their own motives! I am not trying to convince anyone because I remember exactly how I was before I became vegan. I had friends who were vegan, my mom sometimes cooked vegan meals and I thought I’d like to try being vegan sometime in the future (“when the time is right”), but for now I am okay as an omnivore. My favorite food was steak, I worked at a steak restaurant and I always thought “I could never give up cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs!” Turns out it was easier than expected!

I lived in the US for a few months and watched the video “101 reasons to go vegan”, which prompted me to give up animal products. What really influenced me is the realization that our diet is really just reinforced by our society and food corporations or departments, who create the so beloved “food pyramid” (for their own financial benefit, that is). From a biological standpoint, consuming animal products does not really make sense, or is simply absurd. I also learned that our teeth and digestive system are not really made for eating meat and dairy. Our digestive tract is longer than that of carnivores (not perfect for meat, which is starting to rot in there), and many people are lactose intolerant by nature. The only time humans are supposed to drink milk is as babies (just like many other animals), and even then only the milk of our own mother. Drinking the milk of another animal just does not make sense. It’s only that we have been taught to view it as NORMAL all our lives. We never questioned it. But not everything society tells us is right just because almost everyone believes it…

Also, a lot of us fail to make the connection between the piece of meat that is on our plate and the actual living chicken or cow it came from. As a compassionate and empathetic human being, I cannot justify eating an animal that has been killed to land on my plate. Especially if I could never kill it myself because I would feel bad for it- but if I would still eat it if someone else killed it, that’s just hypocritical in my eyes.

101 reasons to go vegan” helped me realize these things and I did not want to eat animal products anymore. So from that day on I used up any animal products I had left in the fridge and started buying vegan things. I was convinced of my decision and it just felt right to me. So giving up cheese and dairy was not hard at all- on the contrary, I felt really good about it! I even felt excited about it! However, if anyone would have forced me to “give up” animal products earlier, I probably would have found it harder and would not have gone through with it. That is why I am not trying to convince anyone of veganism. The only thing I can do is show and tell people the benefits of being vegan and let them decide for themselves. I am still sympathetic to anyone who really likes meat (I was like that myself) because that is just how we have been raised. We learned it is normal to eat animal products. And by despising people who do, no vegan person will get them to see it differently.

What I can do, is tell people how great and healthy I feel and how many awesome new recipes I try day after day. There is so much good vegan food that you won’t even miss a thing!

See for yourself! 🙂


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