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Green Nicecream

Green Nicecream

In the last few weeks, I have dramatically reduced my Nicecream consumption. Now that it’s a little bit colder, I am preferring oats for breakfast instead of the cooling Nicecream I ate during the summer.. However, I still like to eat it for dessert. 🙂 This green Nicecream is perfect for the afternoon – it wakes you up and gives you an extra energy boost for the rest of the day!

Chocolate Milkshake

Vegan Chocolate Milkshake

When I get the frozen bananas out of my freezer, it’s usually to make Nicecream. But this particular summer day, I just wanted a chocolate milkshake. Sometimes I miss having milkshakes. I used to love getting chocolate or vanilla milkshakes at fastfood restaurants when I was younger! But thinking about all the unhealthy & nasty stuff they put in there, I don’t feel the need to go there anymore. Much to my surprise, I created this absolutely delicious, thick and HEALTHY vegan chocolate milkshake!

Choc Nanaicecream

Chocolate Nanaicecream

Did you know you can easily make vegan ice cream by blending frozen bananas in a food processor? Nanaicecream is an amazing invention! It’s raw, vegan, healthy ice cream, the only downside for me was that it tastes a lot like banana (duh!) and I’m not too big of a banana fan. This chocolate nanaicecream, however, really tastes chocolatey and sweet and has therefore become my go-to nanaicecream recipe!