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Vegan Glutenfree Apple Crumble Muffins

Apple Crumble Muffins

If you have been following me for a while, you know that this vegan baking thing is still quite the struggle for me. And adding the gluten-free criteria to it in the past few weeks certainly has not made it any easier! 🙂 Apart from these perfect vegan & gluten-free brownies, I haven’t found a lot of recipes that reliably turn out well.

Healthy Vegan Protein Brownies

Vegan Protein Brownies

I admit I’ve been having my troubles with vegan baking endeavors… One of my grandmothers used to have her own bakery, so she was a baker by trade. Whenever we visit her, we are served delicious homemade cakes. Since going vegan, I have been trying to bring baked vegan goods, but was always a little ashamed because they couldn’t keep up with her cakes in the slightest. I have tried a few vegan cakes, muffins and brownies and apart from this raw-vegan cheesecake (which technically doesn’t count as baking), I was never happy with the result. Never!

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

Yes, I did it! I finally made my first vegan cheesecake. After craving the Cheesecake Factory for the past few weeks, I decided to try making a vegan cheesecake. And I must say, I was extremely amazed!! This raw vegan cheesecake is made almost entirely from nuts and has a consistency that comes pretty close to the real deal. I topped it with passion fruit, which was a perfect combination! You can also top it with caramel sauce or any other kind of fruit. Ingredients: 130 g almonds 200 g cashews (unsalted) 75 g dates (pitted) 60 g agave syrup 75 g coconut oil 75 ml lemon juice 0.5 tsp vanilla powder 1 tsp cinnamon water Instructions: Soak almonds & cashews in water separately for 2 – 12 hours. Blend dates & almonds in a food processor to create a sticky mass. Add water & cinnamon and blend briefly until the mixture is sticky. Line a 18 cm springform pan with baking paper and fill pan with the mixture. Press mixture onto bottom & sides …