What am I supposed to eat as a vegan?

This collection of recipes should give you some inspiration for the start. Cooking vegan does not have to be complex and time consuming: I added a few of the simple meals I used to make in the beginning to get used to the change.

Does it really make a difference if I stop consuming animal products?

First of all, if everyone believes they have no influence on what happens in the world, nothing would ever change. I was actually surprised when I realized how many animal products I really consumed. These 1-2 boxes of milk, some meat here and there, and countless products with animal ingredients actually pile up to quite the sum. So if more and more people cut these products out of their diet, the industry will definitely notice an impact. And I think we are on the right way.

As far as Genetically Modified food is concerned, it is up to us to show the food corporations that we want healthy food and not processed, chemical-loaden stuff. With our wallets (what we spend our money on), we vote for what gets in the supermarkets! By buying healthier, organic ingredients, we take a stand for whole food! If everyone stopped buying processed, genetically modified food, the corporations would have no other chance than to take it off the shelves. So you vote with your money! Spend it wisely.

Why do vegans not even eat eggs or dairy?

Animals are killed not only for the meat production. Dairy farmers kill countless male calves after birth because they are of no use for them. Older female cows are killed when their milk production decreases. Likewise, male chicks are killed after birth because they do not produce eggs. Therefore, millions of animals are killed for the production of eggs and dairy.

Is it hard to go vegan if I am currently eating meat and dairy?

That depends on how you were eating before and also where you live. It definitely will take a few weeks to get used to and you might want to plan your meals in the beginning. But once you have established somewhat of a meal plan, and figured out some vegan options at restaurants or takeout places, it definitely gets easier! After a while, you know so many vegan food options that you can’t even decide on what to eat! 🙂 In the US, if you are going out to eat, it might be hard to find vegan options, depending on where you go. In Germany and Canada, I found lots of vegan options at restaurants and even quite a few new vegan restaurants that serve healthy food!

Is a vegan diet more expensive?

This depends largely on how you frame it. And also where you live. In the US I found that Trader Joe’s has awesome organic & vegan stuff and it doesn’t cost more than what you buy at other supermarkets. Sometimes it’s even cheaper! I love Trader Joe’s! 🙂 In Canada (I can only speak for Vancouver), organic things you buy at Whole Foods for instance are more expensive than regular groceries unfortunately. In Germany, some special ingredients at organic stores are more expensive than regular ingredients. However, I do not buy everything organic there because I think the veggies & fruit (especially locally grown) are okay and not as genetically engineered as in North America.

Now, even if you spend a larger amount of money on food as a vegan, I see it as an investment in your health and money you will save on drugs and treatments later on in life. I believe your diet is one of the most influential factors on your health, so you are basically paying money to stay healthy (without drugs). Pay for it now, or pay for it later… 😉

Another argument to invest in quality food is that you become more aware of what you eat. Because some of the food is a bit expensive, I appreciate it more and don’t just stuff my face when I’m hungry! 😉 Whole, organic food also makes you feel a lot more nourished and satisfied!! So you might find that you eat less, but better food (at least I don’t snack as much on random food anymore).


If you have any other questions that you would like to see answered please post them below and I will do my best to answer them for you! Thanks! 🙂 

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