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What I Eat In A Day – In Lockdown/WFH

What I eat in a day in lockdown - vegan

I’ve been working from home for 2 months now, and my eating habits are quite different than  they were in the office. I still have breakfast between 8 and 9, lunch around 12 and dinner around 6 or 7, but the meals themselves and the snacks in between are different.

On normal office days, I would eat chocolate overnight oats for breakfast, and a simple salad for lunch, which I both prepared the night before. As an afternoon snack on most days I had fruit and a cashew bar, and for dinner I usually cooked something at home.

Now in Home Office, I am more flexible with when and what I eat. Since I can have breakfast at home, I am able to make a pretty smoothie bowl, which I can top with whatever I like and eat at home. The ingredients of my bowls are becoming increasingly more vegetables. I am testing the boundaries to create smoothies that still taste good and a bit sweet, while containing mostly veggies and less sugar, in order to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. 🙂 Here is a recipe for a super healthy and nutritious breakfast smoothie bowl:

veggie smoothie bowl

For lunch I now have time to cook warm meals, and this could really be anything, but usually consists of vegetables with some form of carbs, for instance a soup, like this tomato soup, with a vegan grilled cheese sandwich on the side:

Vegan tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich

Or I throw some vegetables together to make Thai Curry:

Red Thai Curry

Something I haven’t made before, but discovered during quarantine, is fried rice and fried noodles. Since I had leftover kimchi from this recipe, I was looking for ways to incorporate it into my meals. An easy way to do so, is to throw it into a pan with rice or noodles, and fry it in soy sauce and any other ingredients you like. You can find a simple recipe on my Instagram by clicking the picture below.

Vegan kimchi fried noodles with tofu

The recipe works just as well with rice – simply cook the rice before and add it to the pan. You can also use leftover rice from a meal you had in the days before. In general, fried rice is a great way to use up leftovers that you have in your fridge.

Kimchi fried rice

The dinners are very similar to my lunch. I usually eat leftovers from the last meals I cooked, or if I am craving something specific, I would make that. Sometimes I order dinner from the local vegan restaurants I like.

Now, I’m not going to pretend these are the only things I eat during the day. Usually I’m snacking on different things in between, for instance coconut yogurt with fruit, dates with peanut butter, chocolate or veggies with hummus. If I’m feeling fancy (and have a ripe avocado at hand), I also make this avocado chocolate mousse. Also not pictured are the matcha lattes and hot chocolates I drink throughout the morning. I don’t really drink coffee at the moment, but if you’re a coffee lover, you can try this vegan chocolate bulletproof coffee.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for what to cook during your self-isolation or work from home days. What are your favorite meals while working from home?


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