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What I Eat In A Day – March

What I Eat In A Day March

To give you a better impression of what I eat on a day when I am home and able to cook for myself, I thought I could start a “What I Eat In A Day”- series. So here is a compilation of what I ate on a particular day in March. Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and want to see more of them!

Breakfast March

For breakfast I had my favorite chai-protein-pancakes with kiwi & peanut butter on the side. For the pancakes I used my protein pancake recipe and added 1 tbsp of chai powder! To give me an extra boost of nutrients, I also had a velvet smoothie. I used this green smoothie recipe and added a handful of berries.

Lunch March

This lunch looks like most of my meals, which are also my favorite kind of meals: big, colorful bowls of veggies and things! Featured in this particular bowl are: rocket, zoodles, carrot, (dried) tomatoes, beans, avocado & sweet potato. The dressing is made of 1 tbsp tahin (sesame paste), juice of 0.5 lemon and some water.

A similar kind of meal as this bliss bowl with veggies. For dessert was a piece of dark chocolate. I always buy 75 – 85% chocolate – a higher percentage is too bitter for my taste!

Snack March

As an afternoon snack I had a few oreos and a vanilla-matcha-latte (foamed vanilla oat milk with matcha powder).

Dinner March

And finally, for dinner I had a big plate of baked potato wedges (I used this recipe without any spices) and oven-baked pumpkin with hot sauce.


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